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My traveler is considering driving rather than flying for business travel.  What do I need to do?
When air travel is appropriate for any out-of-state travel, an employee may request in advance to travel by private vehicle.  A comparison airfare quote should be obtained (see below) at the time the trip is being planned and compared to the cost of driving. Research any extra expenses that could be incurred with driving like parking charges and road/bridge tolls to determine the total cost of driving. The least expensive air option should be used and if flying is more economical than driving, the traveler is reimbursed only for the cost of flying. Meals and lodging reimbursement will be based on what the traveler would normally incur with air travel.
How to obtain a quote:
If you purchase tickets with one of our contract travel agencies, request an airfare quote for the business days of travel.  If you book your ticket through an online site like Orbitz or Travelocity, print the page showing the business dates, the city pairs and the low to high pricing grid that displays on the first page.  Using an airline specific website is not sufficient as this doesn't show all options or prices in the marketplace.  Be sure to include all documentation with the reimbursement to support the decision that driving was the most economical.

How to fill out the Duckweb form:
List this as "airfare in lieu of mileage" in the mileage section of the Duckweb for with an explanation.
For more information see our travel policies:
Please call the Travel Office with any questions.
Thank you!

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