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List Description
aaacareers [no description available]
ACM The University of Oregon's Association for Computing Machinery Student Chapter -- get involved!
APIsg Asian, Desi, & Pacific Islander Strategies Interest Group
BGMP Notifications about the Bioinformatics and Genomics Master's Program
Data-science-announce Data Science Announcements
Duckdogs A community of humans partnered with service dogs
Ges graduate employees
gsa Graduate Student Association communications
Innovate News, events, and other updates from the Innovation Network at UO
ITEK Indigenous Traditional Ecological Knowledge: An Interdisciplinary Research Partnership at the UO
Making Dream It! Build It!
OLAC-credits [no description available]
PAD Phi Alpha Delta
SIS Students of the Indian Subcontinent
Uo_lgbtq_fac_grad [no description available]
UOWiP [no description available]
Webappsec [no description available]
WiCS (Supporters of) Women in Computer Science (at UOregon and LaneCC)
WiCS-discuss Discuss Women in Computer Science at UOregon and LaneCC