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Good afternoon.

There have been some questions regarding forms and signatures for mobile technology.

As discussed in the Mobile Technology policies, individual units are best-suited to determine if specific jobs/employees require access to mobile technology.  But, overall responsibility for divisional program management rests with the vice president for that division.

The Mobile Technology Access and Payment Option Request Form has spaces for two (2) authorizing signatures (beyond the employee signature).  For most circumstances, the signatories should be:

1.     Department Head/Director and Dean, or

2.     Department Head/Director and Vice Provost, or

3.     Department Head/Director and Vice President

If certain delegations of authority exist, and are documented, for invoice/expenditure approval, then those delegations do apply to this form.  For example, if a Vice President has formally delegated signature authority for invoice approval to his/her Chief of Staff, then that delegation carries forward to this form.


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