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"If names be not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things."   ― Confucius

It is seldom that we realize the importance of our names so much as when it comes to airline tickets.  The Ticket Office has recently seen a number of errors when booking travel with an incorrect traveler name which has resulted in fines for reissuing airline tickets.

"How would someone not know their own name?", you might ask.  Here are some examples:

·         If you use your middle name as your first name

·         If you use a name that is neither your first name nor your middle name

·         If you have recently become married or divorced

·         If you legally changed your name but not your driver's license or passport

·         If you use a nickname(s) on any of your legal documents

·         If you sometimes but not always use a hyphenated last name

·         If you have two last names but sometimes only use one

There may be more examples but this gives you a view of how complicated this can be.  Preferably all your identification will match your exact legal name.  However it is the traveler's responsibility to be sure their airline itinerary is booked using the exact name as it appears on the identification you will be using to check in.  The airlines will not give you a "pass" and will deny boarding if your ID does not match your airline ticket.  They will charge you a reissue fee which will start at approximately $200 per ticket.  You may not be able to see reimbursement for this expense.

So double check your ID or passport today!  And while you are checking see how your name appears, check your passport expiration date.  Some international destinations require that you have 6 months validity from the time you return.  Be sure you are traveling with a valid passport for your destination.  More information is available on the BAO Travel website under the Related Resources tab:

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