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Fri Nov 1 15:02:48 PDT 2013

Good Afternoon Travel Coordinators -

We all want travel reimbursements to flow through the system as quickly as possible so your traveler is paid promptly.  Today's Travel Tip will help you correctly use the CLAIMING ONLY feature on the Duckweb Travel Form so as to not delay reimbursement processing.

The Claiming Only function is very useful when your traveler has limited funds available.  Here is how to use the Claiming Only feature:

*         Enter travel expenses and click the calculate total button regularly to see how close you are getting to the payment amount available to your traveler.

*         Once your total is slightly over the available payment amount,  stop entering any additional expenses.

*         Fill in the available payment amount into the claiming only field, then add your accounting information.

*         The difference between the travel grand total and the Claiming Only amount should not exceed $50.00.

Any receipts not needed to reach the amount being reimbursed should be returned to the traveler.  They may need them later for a supplemental reimbursement, a reimbursement from another department, or for their own tax return.

Please don't enter all of your traveler's expenses if there are not enough funds to reimburse for them.

Helpful hints:
If no meals or lodging are to be reimbursed, there is no need to create an itinerary in the Itinerary section of the Duckweb form.

If you are reimbursing meals and thus creating an Itinerary but there are no lodging expenses, set the default hotel rate to $0.00.

If you are reimbursing lodging but there are no meals being claimed, uncheck the meal box.  These two tips will save you a lot of time in form clean-up!

If you have any questions about the Claiming Only feature of the Duckweb form or any other travel related questions, please do not hesitate to call the Travel Office.

Thank you,

Laurie Jacoby, CTC
Travel Manager
Business Affairs Office
University of Oregon
lajacoby at<mailto:lajacoby at>
541-346-3158 - Voice
541-346-8078 - Travel Fax

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