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Good Morning Travel Coordinators -

While preparing travel reimbursement the question often arises:    Is this receipt valid for reimbursement?

The purpose of a receipt is to prove the claimant incurred the expense.  For a receipt to offer proof it must have the traveler's name and their credit card information, detailed information about the expense and dates the service was provided.  The UO uses the IRS Accountable Plan for travel reimbursements.  This means we collect the receipts and your traveler is reimbursed tax free.

Beware of travel booking sites booking confirmations!  The documents they provide are often not receipts as described above but simply a booking summary.  Some websites like Expedia are often a conduit for booking and paying for travel services.  Because they do not process the charge to the credit card, they are unable to provide a receipt.  You will note on your credit card statement that the charges are processed by the service provider - the airline, car rental agency or the hotel - not the booking site.

How do you obtain a receipt?  Here are some suggestion to try:

*         Log onto the service providers website - airline, car rental agency or hotel - to print a receipt.

*         When renting a car, check to be sure what you are given when you turn in the car --often it is a "proof of return" and only shows estimated charges, not what will be billed.  You can either take the proof of return to the check-in counter or go online later to print a receipt.

*         Provide a credit card statement showing who incurred the charge.

*         Use a company that offers complete receipts

Some travel booking websites do process credit card charges and provide a proper receipt with the necessary elements mentioned above.  You might consider using one of these sites.  Best of all use one of our UO Contract Travel Agencies.  They can save you time and hassle AND offer you a 2% United Airline discount.   For contact information and phone numbers:

For additional review regarding receipts please see  Business Affair Office/Travel policy:  .  For review on Recordkeeping and How to Prove Expenses under IRS Pub. 463 - Travel, Entertainment, Gift and Car Expenses:

Please feel free to call the Travel Office with questions or for further assistance about this topic or any other travel related subjects.  Have a great afternoon!

Laurie Jacoby, CTC
Travel Manager
Business Affairs Office
University of Oregon
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