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Good Morning Travel Coordinators:

Our Travel Tip this week summarizes the different options available for travelers who need to drive for official UO business.  Drivers must:

*         Have a UO Driver's Certification Card from the Dept. of Parking and Transportation.   This also applies when picking up guests at the airport or running UO errands.

*         File an itinerary with the Dept. of Parking and Transportation, if driving outside the Eugene Metro area.

Motor Pool

The least expensive rental option is most often a vehicle from the Motor Pool.  Hybrids, Flex Fuel Sedans, Vans (12 passenger and Cargo), SUVs, and Trucks are all available choices.  These vehicles may be rented by UO employees, students and official volunteers with the approval of the department head and UO Parking and Transportation.  Rates include full coverage insurance and fuel card.  See this link for more information and rates:

Rental Cars

UO contract rates are available on rental cars reserved through Hertz, Enterprise and National.  Contract rates can be used for UO employees and students on official UO business.  A car rented using the UO contract offers full coverage vehicle insurance.  UO travel policy allows for the reimbursement of a intermediate size vehicle when booked using the UO contract, otherwise for an economy or compact car.  Employees who combine personal time with business are not eligible to use the UO contract rates and their personal vehicle insurance will apply.  Contact the travel office for information on car rental discounts if your trip involves personal time.

Private Vehicle

Mileage can be reimbursed (currently 55.5 cents per mile) for use of a Private Vehicle.  The route traveled must be the most direct and usually traveled route and should be substantiated with a mileage log or Mapquest document.  Employees authorized to use their private vehicles for official business are required to have personal automobile liability insurance to provide primary coverage for any accident.   Driver's certification is required for any use of a personal vehicle used for UO business.  If traveling outside the Eugene Metro area, a UO Business itinerary should be filed with the Dept. of Parking and Transportation.

Please contact the Travel Office or consult the BAO Travel website with any questions.
Laurie Jacoby, CTC
Travel Manager
Business Affairs Office
University of Oregon
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