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Good Morning -


Introducing "Travel Tips",  a newsletter the Travel Office will publish
every two weeks with quick and timely tips to help you in your travel
duties.  Travel Tips will touch on topics like air travel, reimbursements,
IRS updates,  reminders and travel policy.  Feel free to send any questions
or topics you would like to have addressed to Laurie Jacoby -
lajacoby at



"My conference hotel is sold out - now what?"


Check to see if the conference offers overflow hotels.  If all conference
negotiated room rates are sold out, ask for the next best pricing at those
hotels including corporate or government rates.  If the hotels are
completely full, travel policy says the IRS high/low hotel per diem rules


Consider checking with one of our four contract travel agencies for
alternate accommodations within per diem allowance.  Or consider an online
hotel search using a website like, based on the address of the
conference center for hotel options within per diem.    If an exception to
lodging per diem is required, please check with the travel office prior to
departure.  We can evaluate a number of cost factors to consider the
exception:  Will the hotel require taxi fare to get to/from the conference?
Does the hotel offer breakfast so that a breakfast per diem can be
eliminated?  What city is the conference being held? Are there other events
happening in the city effecting hotel availability?  Please keep all
reservation notes and print screenshots of your hotel searches showing
pricing to support the reservation.   


**  For conference or overflow hotels, remember to include the conference
pricing agreement information with your reimbursement documents.  


For additional information please see the BAO Travel website to review
Conferences/Meetings policy :   and
for additional information on our lodging policy:  



Laurie Jacoby, CTC

Travel Manager

Business Affairs Office

University of Oregon

lajacoby at

541-346-3158 - Voice

541-346-8078 - Travel Fax


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