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Good Morning Travel Community -

If you were unable to attend the Quarterly Travel Meeting last Thursday, the meeting was recorded and is now available to view on the BAO/Travel website under the "Common Activities" tab and the link titled NEWS.

Thank you to  Justin Fleming from the Motor Pool  for his entertaining and informative look at vehicle rental options from the Motor Pool.  The first attachment is the handout he provided.

During the meeting the question was asked:   When someone wants to drive a motor pool vehicle out of state is an airfare comparison required?
***After reviewing the travel policy, an airfare comparison is required to show that driving is the same or less than cost than flying.  Meals and lodging are reimbursed the same as if the person had flown.  The comparison should be kept on file in the department and be available for audit purposes.***

Thank you to  Casey Boyd from Public Safety  who offered valuable information regarding driving private vehicles for UO business and the need to have both  your Driver's Certification and to file a travel itinerary when driving for UO business.  Here are links with additional information from the BAO/Travel website and the forms from the Office of Parking and Transportation:

Thank you also to  Lauri and Kitty from Premier Travel  for sharing the features and benefits in using a Travel Agency.  Remember that booking a United Airlines UO business itinerary through one of our four contract travel agencies offers  a State of Oregon 2% discount off your fare.  The second attachment is the handout from Premier Travel.

A quick reminder that the account code A5901 can be discontinued as of last Friday, May 25 which was the end of the billing cycle for the UO ghost cards.  All current charges take place in our next fiscal year and the regular account codes should be used.

Have a great week,
Laurie Jacoby, CTC
Travel Manager
Business Affairs Office
University of Oregon
lajacoby at
541-346-3158 - Voice
541-346-8078 - Travel Fax

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