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Fri Sep 20 10:09:14 PDT 2019

Good morning,

This message is for all departments on campus who accept payments using credit card terminals.

There has been a recent upgrade at Elavon in regards to verifying an account whenever you need to call the Elavon Terminal Support number 1-800-777-7240. Below is a list of verification options that will be asked when you call that number for technical support on your terminal:

-You will be required to provide your MID (Merchant ID number), which should be on the same sticker affixed to your terminal that includes the Technical Support number.

-You will also be asked an additional verification question that may include one of the following:
  - Last 5 digits of the UO bank account your batches are deposited into: 75662
  - The date and amount of the last batch you settled.
  - The UO Federal Tax ID number: 46-4727800

You should have this information handy before you call the Technical Support number - they will ask you for your MID, and one of these other identifying questions.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact me.

Mike Syljuberget
Cashiers Manager-Business Affairs Office
University of Oregon
(541) 346-3164

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