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Wed Jun 19 16:59:31 PDT 2019

As you know, we are approaching the end of another fiscal year. Friday, June 28th is the deadline for Departmental Deposits that need to be recorded in the current year. In order to ensure that all deposits are posted to the current fiscal year, they must be delivered to the Cashier's Department by 3:00 pm. To beat the year-end rush, it is beneficial to have your deposits delivered to Cashiers even before that date.

It is important to note that regardless of the date a deposit was created in TWADEPO, it must be delivered to the Cashiers Department and processed by Cashiers no later than June 28th for it to be recorded in Fiscal Year 19.

Thank you,

Mike Syljuberget
Cashiers Manager-Business Affairs Office
University of Oregon
(541) 346-3164

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